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Phantom BDC Starter Kit

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Lavishly Classy.

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Introducing the Phantom BDC Tank! This bottom dual heating coil head really packs a flavor punching throat kick. Since it has a replaceable coil head, you won’t have to spend so much having to replace it once its completely burnt out. The design of this tank was built to prevent dry heating, leaking, and getting that burnt taste that happens often with long wick atomizers. The BDC is very easy to clean, refill, and the coil head is really easy to replace.

Instructions to Re-fill:

1.Turn the tank upside down
2.Remove the metal base on the bottom by unscrewing it
3.Fill E-Liquid by tilting the tube at a slight angle and dripping fluid down the inside wall (NOT IN THE TUBE)
4.Screw the metal base back on
5.Screw the tank on to your battery and you are good to go!

Instructions to replace the coil head:

1.Unscrew the metal base from the bottom of the tank
2.Unscrew the replaceable coil head (its screwed on to the metal base)
3.Replace it by screwing on a new coil
4.Screw the metal base back on to the tank

Phantom BDC Kit Includes:

1 x Phantom BDC Tank
1 x 1300mah Variable Voltage eGo Battery
1 x USB charger
1 x eGo zipper case


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